Frequently Asked Questions

August 24, 2022

How does Chamba work?

  • Post your job opening.
  • Chamba matches your needs with our pool of Talento Latino.
  • Schedule interviews or accept candidate walk-ins.
  • Hire

Do I have to use all my purchased posts within a certain time?

No, your purchased posts do not expire. You can post jobs whenever an opening needs to be filled. Our pricing plans are designed to save you time and money by purchasing multiple posts at once.

How long does a job post last?

Each job listing will last up to 30 days. However, we are committed to finding your match within 5 days when you follow our guidelines.

I will post my job in English; will you translate it?

When you post in English, we will translate for free. Our jobseekers will have the option to see the post in English or Spanish according to their profile settings. You won’t have to worry about translating a thing!

The same is true if you post in Spanish. We got you.

Can I hire Managers and Executive Chefs through Chamba?

Absolutely! We serve all your hiring needs. Just contact us to start the process.

How much do I pay per post?

At Chamba, when you sign up, you can post your first job for free. It is a very simple process. Give us a try, and hire the right talent within 5 days*.

To post additional job openings, please see pricing options.