Frequently Asked Questions

August 24, 2022

What is the cost to post a job on Chamba?

In Chamba you can post your first job for free when you sign up. It is a very simple process.

Please see pricing here.

Do my credits expire once purchased?

No, your credits do not expire. You can buy credits in advance!

How long does a job post last?

It will all depend on the plan you purchased. Each job listing will last 30 days.

If I post my job in English will it translate?

When you post in English, our jobseekers have the option to see the post in English or Spanish by changing their profile settings. You won’t have to worry about translating a thing!

The same is true if you post in Spanish, our technology will translate for you.

Can I hire Managers and Executive Chefs?

Absolutely, we have the best talent from dishwashers to managers and executive chefs!