Chamba Team

The Chamba App team is composed of young Latino entrepreneurs who saw a need to help the communities most affected by unemployment. To be able to help and create leadership are the common goals of our members.


How did we start?

Chamba App began by helping the community in a very organic way. The Chamba App team looked for vacancies by making business to business calls to see who was hiring. If someone was hiring, the Chamba App team would share that job opening with all the people subscribed to an email list. Today, the process is simpler and more automated.

Where are we?

Chamba App headquarters are in Colorado, but our App is all over the U.S. No matter what state you are in, Chamba App is there to help you hire or find a job

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Our goal

The goal of Chamba App is simple, to be able to help as many people as possible to find a decent and honest job in the USA.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate and simplify employment opportunities for Latinos, providing an option to improve the quality of life outside and inside their home countries through technology.

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Our vision

Our vision is to position ourselves as the premier employment resource for the Latino community worldwide.

Our company's values

C - Community

H - Humility

A - Affability

M - Modeling

B - Benignity

A - Action

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Our statistics

+65 K

Registered users

+2 K

Jobs created

+12 K


Our team

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Diego Montemayor

CEO / Co-Founder

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David Ruiz

CTO / Co-Founder / Full stack engineer

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Andrés Largo

Technical lead / Cloud engineer / Full stack engineer

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